Valentines Day with our Friends at Brittany Manor

We spent part of Valentines Day with our friends at Brittany Manor Assisted Living.  The children and adults love spending time together.

On this visit we colored Valentine pictures together.

This is a great way for the children to provide service to others.  Their cheerful personalities brighten the day of the residents at Brittany Manor.  The children learn how to interact with people with disabilities and speech problems.  They offer unconditional love which is wonderful to witness.

In return the children are developing their ability to feel empathy and to think of others needs ahead of their own.  This can be a difficult concept for young children.  We love having the opportunity to visit our friends and learn and grow together.

Hervé Tullet Art Project

An Hervé Tullet art project that channels the children’s intuition and encourages them to create freely. 


We love Hervé Tullet’s books and stories.  The children really enjoyed this joint art project that allowed their individuality to show.


This project is interactive and helps children to shed their inhibitions.  This is a great way for children to share a special moment.


Hawaiian Dance

Hawaiian Dance Lesson

Our Creative Movement teacher Ashley recently took a trip to Hawaii.  She brought us Hawaiian necklaces and taught us dances and music.  The children really enjoyed it!

Hawaiian Dance Lesson
Hawaiian Dance Lesson
Hawaiian Dance Lesson
Hawaiian Dance Lesson

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is such a fun holiday!

We dressed up and celebrated with fun games, activities and treats.

We had so much fun playing games together!

Monster Mouth

Sticky Spider Web

Pumpkin Balance

Pin the Eye on the Monster

Ghost Bowling

Parachute Fun

And enjoyed

Spooky Eats and…

Trick or Treats

Spooky Eats
Trick or Treats

Dad’s Day!

We love our Dad’s and were excited to celebrate them.

The children worked hard on desserts to share with their dads on this special day.  They made dirt pudding cups with gummy worms and white chocolate dipped strawberries made into ghosts with mini chocolate chips.

Our dads spent one on one time with their children exploring the works throughout the classroom.

The kids loved sharing their favorites.

Story time is a favorite activity.

This was a common sight throughout our classroom.

We read several stories about dads in preparation for our fun day.

The children chose their favorite and Stormi read it during group time.

The children painted and decorated birdhouses to give to their dads.

They really poured their creativity into them.

We really enjoyed spending time with our Dads!

Parents, there are many more pictures from this special day on our password protected photo site.

Field Trip!

We went on a field trip to Grandma’s Pumpkin Patch.  The kids had a great time and we learned many new things.

We rode on a bus.  It was the fist time for most of our students.  This was one of their favorite parts of the trip 🙂

Hay Rides are so much fun!

We sang songs and looked at all the exciting things around us.

We met Bob the Turkey and felt his soft feathers.

Did you know turkeys have beards?
You can tell how old a turkey is by how long his beard is!

The train ride was very exciting!

The farmer was so nice he took us around more than once!

The goats were excited to see us.  There was even one named Stormy!

Did you know goats don’t have top upper teeth?
They have molars in the back on the top and all along the bottom.

After the kids saw this, they were not scared to feed them.

Our field trip wrapped up with cookies and cider and a trip to pick a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.  It was fun to watch them as they picked through to find just the perfect one!

Parents, be sure to check out our password protected photo site for lots more pictures!


We love learning new things!  We use the ABC Yoga book to teach us.  We follow the alphabet to create poses found in nature and the animals living in it.  It’s fun!

“By practicing yoga regularly, you will get stronger, more balanced, and more flexible.  Yoga can also help you concentrate and channel your energy.”

Fall Family Picnic

Our Fall Family Picnic was full of fun and getting to know one another.

 The parents, children and teachers were able to mingle, eat and play.  We enjoyed the coolness inside and the fun of outside.

It was wonderful to see whole families and have a chance to get to know brothers and sisters as well.  One sweet sister had to leave early for soccer and said “Next picnic I won’t have soccer and I can stay the whole time!”

We love the community we are building together!

Grandparent’s Day!

We had so much fun on Grandparent’s Day!

Each of the children had a Grandparent or Special person join them for this day.  We worked together in the classroom…

We gave special handmade presents that we worked really hard on…

We LOVE our Grandparents!

Parents, be sure to see all the pictures from our fun day on our password protected site.  If you need the link and password, email or text us and we will get it to you right away!

Outdoor Explorations

We are loving this wonderful weather!
The children learn new skills and social interactions through play.

We learned to work safely with tools today.  The children LOVED the experience!  New elements are added to our outdoor experience as our year progresses.  Our students are full of wonder 🙂

The kids love playing in the cave, fort, tent or whatever this area becomes in their imaginations.
Imagination fosters curiosity and creativity about the world around them.

Watching the wildlife is a wonderful daily experience we have here at Stormi’s Montessori.  Today the children saw a turkey come to our animal feeder while we were eating lunch.  After nap time, we saw a deer and squirrel having a snack together.  The squirrels are such fun to watch.  Their silly antics keep us entertained.  Even the birds love our feeder.  Bluebirds and cardinals visit regularly.