Valentines Day with our Friends at Brittany Manor

We spent part of Valentines Day with our friends at Brittany Manor Assisted Living.  The children and adults love spending time together.

On this visit we colored Valentine pictures together.

This is a great way for the children to provide service to others.  Their cheerful personalities brighten the day of the residents at Brittany Manor.  The children learn how to interact with people with disabilities and speech problems.  They offer unconditional love which is wonderful to witness.

In return the children are developing their ability to feel empathy and to think of others needs ahead of their own.  This can be a difficult concept for young children.  We love having the opportunity to visit our friends and learn and grow together.

Hervé Tullet Art Project

An Hervé Tullet art project that channels the children’s intuition and encourages them to create freely. 


We love Hervé Tullet’s books and stories.  The children really enjoyed this joint art project that allowed their individuality to show.


This project is interactive and helps children to shed their inhibitions.  This is a great way for children to share a special moment.


Hawaiian Dance

Hawaiian Dance Lesson

Our Creative Movement teacher Ashley recently took a trip to Hawaii.  She brought us Hawaiian necklaces and taught us dances and music.  The children really enjoyed it!

Hawaiian Dance Lesson
Hawaiian Dance Lesson
Hawaiian Dance Lesson
Hawaiian Dance Lesson

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is such a fun holiday!

We dressed up and celebrated with fun games, activities and treats.

We had so much fun playing games together!

Monster Mouth

Sticky Spider Web

Pumpkin Balance

Pin the Eye on the Monster

Ghost Bowling

Parachute Fun

And enjoyed

Spooky Eats and…

Trick or Treats

Spooky Eats
Trick or Treats