We love learning new things!  We use the ABC Yoga book to teach us.  We follow the alphabet to create poses found in nature and the animals living in it.  It’s fun!

“By practicing yoga regularly, you will get stronger, more balanced, and more flexible.  Yoga can also help you concentrate and channel your energy.”

Fall Family Picnic

Our Fall Family Picnic was full of fun and getting to know one another.

 The parents, children and teachers were able to mingle, eat and play.  We enjoyed the coolness inside and the fun of outside.

It was wonderful to see whole families and have a chance to get to know brothers and sisters as well.  One sweet sister had to leave early for soccer and said “Next picnic I won’t have soccer and I can stay the whole time!”

We love the community we are building together!

Grandparent’s Day!

We had so much fun on Grandparent’s Day!

Each of the children had a Grandparent or Special person join them for this day.  We worked together in the classroom…

We gave special handmade presents that we worked really hard on…

We LOVE our Grandparents!

Parents, be sure to see all the pictures from our fun day on our password protected site.  If you need the link and password, email or text us and we will get it to you right away!

Outdoor Explorations

We are loving this wonderful weather!
The children learn new skills and social interactions through play.

We learned to work safely with tools today.  The children LOVED the experience!  New elements are added to our outdoor experience as our year progresses.  Our students are full of wonder 🙂

The kids love playing in the cave, fort, tent or whatever this area becomes in their imaginations.
Imagination fosters curiosity and creativity about the world around them.

Watching the wildlife is a wonderful daily experience we have here at Stormi’s Montessori.  Today the children saw a turkey come to our animal feeder while we were eating lunch.  After nap time, we saw a deer and squirrel having a snack together.  The squirrels are such fun to watch.  Their silly antics keep us entertained.  Even the birds love our feeder.  Bluebirds and cardinals visit regularly.

Wildlife Friends!

We made new friends on the playground today!

While playing outside, we found a large praying mantis had come to visit.  He walked around on Stormi’s hand and climbed all the way to her shoulder.  The children loved seeing him up close.  After letting him climb into the tree, we came inside and learned more about them in the classroom.

One of our students discovered another friend on our playground when he came to school.  The deer was enjoying our animal feeding station.  Look at that smile!

We went for a nature walk in our woods to see what other creatures we could see.  It will be fun to see how things outside change as we enter into the Fall season.

Welcome to School!

We had a great first day of school!  We made new friends and learned new things.  Our natural playground was enjoyed by all.  While we were working inside one of the children looked through our large windows and saw a flock of 6 wild turkeys.  We all went to the window to watch them strut around and explore.  We talked about them and even sang a song with a turkey in it.  We love opportunities to extend learning through fun experiences and observations.