Benefits of Outdoor Play

There are many benefits of outdoor play for children.  Outdoor play boosts problem solving skills, focus and concentration.

Other benefits include emotional/social well-being, cooperation, self-awareness, flexibility, and reduced aggression. Positive things happen for children when they have an appropriate amount of time, play structures and activities to enjoy outdoors.

Children are happier when they have the opportunity to explore outside and connect with nature.

Enjoy this lovely weather and spend time outside!

Bootsie our classroom pet

Bootsie our classroom pet

Bootsie is a guinea pig and will be our classroom pet.  She was adopted by our teacher LeeAnn.  She is really excited to go back to school and see her friends and make some new ones.  She loves carrots and other fresh vegetables.  When she hears people near her, she squeaks hoping they will stop by to say hello and possibly give her a treat 🙂  She also loves it when her friends read her stories.