We are loving this wonderful weather!
The children learn new skills and social interactions through play.

We learned to work safely with tools today.  The children LOVED the experience!  New elements are added to our outdoor experience as our year progresses.  Our students are full of wonder 🙂

The kids love playing in the cave, fort, tent or whatever this area becomes in their imaginations.
Imagination fosters curiosity and creativity about the world around them.

Watching the wildlife is a wonderful daily experience we have here at Stormi’s Montessori.  Today the children saw a turkey come to our animal feeder while we were eating lunch.  After nap time, we saw a deer and squirrel having a snack together.  The squirrels are such fun to watch.  Their silly antics keep us entertained.  Even the birds love our feeder.  Bluebirds and cardinals visit regularly.