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Both our daughter and son had the privilege of learning from Stormi. Both kid’s absolutely loved going to class and seeing Miss Stormi. Our youngest can’t stop jumping up and down when we told him that Stormi is opening up a new Montessori. As a parent it makes you feel good that Stormi and the rest of the staff cared enough about the kids to make such a strong bond with them.

I would not hesitate to recommend Stormi’s Montessori to anyone looking for a place to send their children to learn, grow, and love every minute of it!

Anirban Ghose

Our daughter spent years with Stormi as well as the other teachers who will be joining her at Stormi’s Montessori. We absolutely love them all and they all hold a very special place in our hearts. Our daughter is typically reserved but adjusted very quickly with all of them. They are all extremely kind, warm, attentive, helpful, and hands-on.

If you are looking for a Montessori preschool education for your child I would hands down recommend Stormi’s Montessori. This is an incredible group of women and I have no doubt that it will be the best Montessori in Midland!!

Logan Foreman

As a parent, one of the hardest moments to face is that first drop-off at school. Our daughter was just 2 1/2 when she started going to Montessori, and we were nervous. However, we knew from the moment we met Ms. Stormi that she was going to help us all (parents and student) through the transition. Our instincts were right: on that first tearful morning drop-off, Stormi called me moments after I left to assure me that my daughter had already stopped crying and was beginning to talk to the other students. I was so thankful for that small gesture; a phone call can make all the difference. And that was just the beginning of building a relationship with the teachers at the school. Ms. Stormi, Ms. Tammy, Ms. Tanya, and Ms. Lee Ann continued this level of care over the months that followed. Not only are the four of them talented Montessori educators, but they care for the students as if they are family.

I can’t say enough good things about these teachers. If you are looking for a Montessori school for your child, then Stormi’s Montessori is the place for you!

Amanda Stearns

My daughter opened up and came out of her shell immediately after learning from LeeAnn and Stormi. The team is fantastic and the best preschool in the area. I am so happy we will have Stormi’s Montessori for our daughter and later for our son.

Jennifer Acosta

Stormi’s Montessori is a wonderful place where children are free to explore and discover all while learning through play. The teachers are very caring and make each child feel loved and important. In our 3 year old’s words, “Stormi’s is super cool!”

Shannon Fort

Stormi and her staff helped our son transition to a new city and new group of friends.  Their creativity and friendly care made him comfortable in a very short time. We are so glad that we found a group of teachers who we knew were helping our son prepare educationally and emotionally for Kindergarten. All of the staff truly cared about the well being and individual needs of each child.  We would highly recommend Stormi’s Montessori for any young child.

Annalisa and Joel Christensen

I’ve had the honor to teach along side of Stormi Duckworth Sutherland, as her assistant in the past. For those unfamiliar with the Montessori method, it emphasizes independence, freedom within limits, and overall respect for the child’s natural physical and social development. Stormi’s Montessori School is a gift to parents in the Great Lakes Bay Region looking to acclimate their children with an education accommodating each individual’s pace of learning. Stormi has the credentials along with many years of experience every parent can trust in a school for their little ones.

Ashley Purdo

If anyone is looking for preschool, check out Stormi’s Montessori. I have had the pleasure of working side-by-side Stormi in the Montessori environment and she is simply amazing. Calm, patient, understanding, everything you want for your child! Check it out.

Nicole Howdyshell

My son has been going for two years and he absolutely loves waking up and going to school. Stormi has a way with kids and is incredibly flexible. The teachers there bring variety of activities for the kids. Summer programs are great fun and there’s a new theme every week.

Shan Pin Koh

Our two children will begin their third full-year at Stormi’s in 2019-2020. The staff is phenomenal! Stormi is very flexible with working parents. Our children have come so far in the last couple years. They will be ahead of the game when they start kindergarten.

Andrew Howson

Our daughter has loved going to Stormi’s Montessori! She thrives in the safe, loving and fun environment Stormi and all the teachers create for the kids. The years at Stormi’s prepare her for the world in the best possible way and I can warmly recommend the school for anybody looking for quality care and learning.

Bianca Zilliacus

I would highly recommend Stormi’s Montessori because of the caring teachers that work there. It’s a safe, loving atmosphere where a child can feel comfortable learning at their own pace. It’s staffed well enough for one on one time and attention which was what my daughter needed.

Trish Cruz

Stormi’s is a great school, where the social and emotional well being of the whole child is of utmost importance. Children are loved and supported while learning at their own pace, through a wide variety of activities and practical life applications.

Lee Ann Metzger

My son has both improved and learned by leaps and bounds. I cannot speak highly enough about this school. I drive my son 40 minutes to school because we live in a rural area. Midland is the closest area that has Montessori schools. We had meetings with each of the Montessori preschools in Midland, and Stormi’s made the BIGGEST impact on us. One of the other schools made us feel like a number, and frankly wasted a lot of our time by not answering a simple question we asked in our initial email. Stormi on the other hand goes out of her way to be available and to work with us. She also stayed open on snow days more than any other school I’ve seen in the area this year.. as she was very concerned for parents having childcare options. Stormi and her staff are amazing. This school deserves so much praise!
I’m so grateful my son has the opportunity to come here!!

Rachael Claeys

Stormi’s is the best!! Our daughter feels like it is an extension of her family. She is safe, loved, and learning a ton. We wouldn’t send her anywhere else!! ❤️

Jennifer McLosky